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Isaac Newton - ‘If I have seen further than others,
it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants’.

New Rab Bags

This quote by Sir Isaac Newton relates to the new Rab Sleeping Bag overhaul project. Newton acknowledges
the people before him. We at Rab also acknowledge the people who have stood before us.

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The quote can be translated by acknowledging Rab Carrington’s work in sleeping bag design over the past 28 years.
It can be translated to acknowledge all those who have worked for Rab, and those who still currently do.
It can be translated to acknowledge all those who have contributed to the science of sleeping bag design including aspects from fabric selection, down specifications to laboratory testing.
And it acknowledges all those who have ever slept in a sleeping bag!

Therefore, the Rab Spring / Summer 2010 project has resulted in a sleeping bag range greater than any
other due to standing on the shoulders of the people before us.



The design process.

All products have a beginning and an end. A sleeping bag design has a lifetime and it is inevitable that one day it will be succeeded by it’s predecessor. This is not a bad thing, it is in fact a good thing as it inspires new ideas and innovation that are drawn from that existing pool of knowledge.

The Rab SS10 sleeping bag project was born from a slightly tired existing sleeping bag range and an inspiring funding opportunity to work closely with Leeds University. The combination of Design R&D, lab research, high end fabric suppliers and European down suppliers has allowed our Rab team to identify the perfect all round sleeping bag range. Find out more by watching one of our designers talk about the process on a short film.

Key Design Ingredients

Our team must enforce that there is no ‘magic’ in sleeping bag design, no matter what anyone tells you! There is only the refinement of science and understanding.
The Rab SS10 sleeping bag range has identified the golden ratio’s that make up a sleeping bag. To disclose these exact figures would be to give away design secrets and Rab's leading edge. However we have no problem with disclosing the areas of ratio’s that have been identified as key elements to sleeping bag design.

They are:
- Proportionally assigned baffle height
- Proportionally assigned differential cut
- Proportionally assigned baffle offset
- Down insulation fill weight
- Down insulation chamber fill weight
- Down insulation fill power ratings
- Down insulation species and cluster ratios

Other aspects that are vital to good sleeping bag design are:
- Shape fit for demographic / purpose
- Construction
- Fabric selection
- Feature set

The Outcome

The SS10 Rab sleeping bag range is arguably the most advanced and calculated sleeping bag range in the world. Resulting in sleeping bag products that are superior to all others within the global market place.


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