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Equip Canada

Equip Canada is based in Montreal and handle sales for both Rab
and Lowe Alpine.

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Robert Stephane Stephanie

Robert Brunet
New as Canadian country manager, Robert prior to joining the Rab team has owned and operated a retail store for 30 years. An avid skier, he enjoys boarding and cycling in the summer time.

Favourite piece of Rab kit
Electron jacket

Favourite Lowe Alpine Pack
New Teton collection

Most memorable moment in the outdoors
Doing ''Paris Crossing'', Paddle board race, La Seine, Paris, December 2015.


Stephane Amyot
Always a sports enthusiast, Stephane's dad took him kayaking, canoeing,  trekking, skiing and fishing in his youth.  After guiding backcountry and cyclo-touring trips in his 20s , he worked in the bicycle industry, doing anything from customer service to internal sales rep. He spent the last 11 years building and renovating homes. 

Favourite piece of Rab kit
Neutrino Endurance, anything MeCo and Vapour-Rise Guide jacket

Favourite Lowe Alpine Pack
I’d love to get my hands on a Mountain Attack 35-45

Most memorable moment in the outdoors
Trekking the 13 peaks of the Presidential Range in ferocious weather  with best buddies, ranks amongst the best for sure.  Camping and skiing the remote slopes of the Monts Groulx on the Manicouagan reservoir also ranks high in my best moments.

Favourite outdoor activity
Mountain biking in the warmer months. Skiing and snowshoeing in the colder ones.


Stéphanie Tassé
Stephanie loves many sporting activities, anything that makes her move. She likes summer and winter sports like hiking, biking and running and also cross-country skiing , snowshoeing and yoga. Stephanie has joined the team after a few years in the shoe industry.

Favourite piece of Rab kit
Microlight Alpine Jacket

Favourite Lowe Alpine Pack
Airzone Pro ND 33:40

Most memorable moment in the outdoors Hike the Lafayette Mount in the United States.

Favourite outdoor activity




























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